Making a Will

Making a Will is the single most important thing you can do to protect your loved ones after your death. A properly drafted Will ensures that you decide who receives your Estate when you die and that your personal wishes are carried out. Contrary to popular belief it is not an expensive or complex process but many people put it off, sometimes resulting in unforeseen and difficult circumstances after their death.

It is particularly important to make a will if:

  • You are living with someone to whom you are not married or in a civil partnership with making a Will ensures you can provide for your surviving spouse or partner. This is crucial as the rules of intestacy do not include unmarried partners within the class of beneficiaries entitled to share your Estate.
  • You have children aged under 18 – making a Will enables you to appoint legal guardians to look after your young children. Without a Will the law decides who should bring them up
  • You have children from a previous marriage and are now entering a new relationship or about to remarry – making a Will and the use of a Will Trust ensures you can carefully balance your children’s long term inheritance and your new partner’s long term security.
  • Your child is in the process of getting divorced or bankrupt – by making a Will you can protect your Estate from being depleted through your child’s divorce or bankruptcy proceedings.
  • You own a business – by making a Will you can make provision for the future running of your business. It is crucial to make arrangements through your Will, especially if you are a partner in business partnership or a member of a limited company.
  • You have a child or spouse who is in some way handicapped – making a Will ensures you can leave them your Estate in such a way as not to adversely affect any state benefits which they receive.

The future well being of your loved ones may depend on your having prepared an effective and legally binding Will. Our dedicated specialist team of solicitors are able to advise you according to your individual needs and circumstances.