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OP Law is a family friendly practice, which has grown to become a nationally recognised clinical & medical negligence specialist law firm. We provide working families with advice and support of the highest standard, offering practical solutions to complex problems.

We have a highly specialised team of experienced lawyers ready to listen to you and give you the expert one to one legal advice you deserve.


Cancer Misdiagnosis

A failure to diagnose cancer can lead to unnecessary suffering and the need for further treatment which may have been avoided if the cancer diagnosis had been made at an earlier stage.

Care Home Failings

Researchers for the consumer group Which? found that half of England’s major care home providers are failing their elderly residents in at least a quarter of their properties.

Childbirth Injuries

If you or your baby has suffered an injury during childbirth due to medical negligence, you may be entitled to financial compensation.

Consent Claims

Before any treatment, you must be fully informed of the procedure, advised of the potential risks involved and made aware of any alternative treatments available. You must give your consent to the procedure.

Cosmetic Surgery

If you have undergone cosmetic surgery and your procedure left you injured or unhappy with the eventual outcome, you may possibly be entitled to claim for negligence.

Dental Negligence

Our Dental Negligence Team have expert knowledge of the field and are specialists in seeking the maximum level of compensation.

GP Negligence

Your GP is often the first medical expert you visit if you are ill or injured. If the treatment you receive falls below the expected standard or if you suffer due to inappropriate treatment, you have the right to a claim.

Hospital Negligence

Suffering substandard treatment while in hospital could result in life changing injuries or an existing condition worsening due to poor medical care from healthcare professionals.

Fracture Misdiagnosis

Despite the specialist equipment in our Hospitals, medical mistakes can and do still happen, and an unidentified fracture can result in severe and life-changing consequences.

Never Events

Never Events are patient safety failures that could have been prevented and should have never occurred in the first instance, as they could have been avoided.

Prescription Errors

Prescription and medication errors can result in you suffering side effects including minor allergic reactions, or result in more serious health problems.

Surgical Errors

Every surgical procedure carries a risk of error, including the wrong operation being performed, a surgical miscalculation being made or an underlying problem being aggravated by the surgery

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The strength of our success is due to our ability to offer a personal service built on the fundamental principle of putting our clients first. When you need a lawyer to handle your claim it’s important to find the firm of solicitors that best suits your needs.

For over 25 years has provided advice and support of the highest standard, developing a wealth of experience of offering practical solutions to complex problems. We are perfectly placed to guide you through the legal process from A to Z.

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NHS 111 Phone Service Branded An “Unacceptable” Failure
NHS 111 Phone Service Branded An “Unacceptable” Failure
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NHS Negligence Claims Rise By 20%
NHS Negligence Claims Rise By 20%
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SH – South Yorkshire

I have waited a little time before writing, I needed time to adjust after a very difficult and trying five years. I wanted to thank you for the way you personally helped me through that time, especially the most critical stages. You were always patient and kind in your understanding. Most of all you always helped me understand at length when I needed that. I can honestly say that it was the person you are at the end of the phone, other than your professional capacity that helped keep me calm and reassured.

AE – Leicestershire

Thank you so much for all your support with this. You’ve been superb at keeping us updated throughout this process. I think we’re all relieved this can now come to an end and that most Importantly there is acknowledgment of responsibility. Thank you for everything. It’s been such a difficult process but your support has kept us all going.

EO – Lancashire

Very impressed with OP Law, they kept in contact and, when needed, they explained everything in full. Thank you.

RH – Cornwall

You cannot improve upon excellence! The communication was easy and I was kept fully informed every step of the way.

BW – Swansea

I was made to fell at ease all the way through the process and was treated as a person not a number by the Solicitor who dealt with my case. Thank you again for everything.

TU – London

Thank you for helping me receive the compensation owed. It was very fast smooth stress free for me which I’m really happy about now I can focus on moving on from all this and remembering my daughter in a more positive way and make good use of the money.

Really happy with and highly recommend the service provided by OP Law.

NG – Caerphilly, Wales

Thanks for taking on my claim and the time you dedicated to achieving a successful out come. Much appreciated.

LH – Hertfordshire

Thank you so much for all your support and time in this roller coaster of emotions, confusion and dark times.

LM – Corby

I can’t thank you enough for getting me the answers about my son that I knew were true. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.