Private Healthcare Negligence

Did you know that one out of every 10 people in the UK is covered by private health insurance? According to a 2011 statistic by Intuition Communication Ltd, a network of leading UK healthcare sites, around 6.9 million people or 11.1% of the UK population had private medical insurance.

When you choose to buy private health care, you expect to receive quality treatment and utmost care. However, in some cases, the treatment you receive may fall below the expected standard. If you fall prey to private healthcare negligence, you are entitled to claim financial compensation for the losses you suffered.

However, before you take legal action for private healthcare negligence, you should have knowledge of the following things.

Things You Should Know about Private Healthcare Negligence Claims

Proving medical negligence in private healthcare usually requires a statement from another qualified medical practitioner that the treatment you received was below the usual standard. Unfortunately, in most cases, a medical practitioner will not want to get involved in a complaint against another member of his/her profession. This is where we can help you. With our extensive network, we can easily arrange for an experienced doctor to give you a second opinion.

In private healthcare, you will usually have a contract with the provider. Some contracts include a clause that guarantees a certain outcome to patients. If the treatment you receive fails to provide that outcome, you can establish that as grounds for a claim.

Some private healthcare providers may not take your consent before undergoing a surgery or medical procedure. Sometimes, you may not be informed about the side effects and risks associated with the treatment procedure. You can file a claim for these reasons as well.

Foreigners or those who are not permanent residents of the UK are also entitled to private healthcare negligence claims, if they have received substandard or inappropriate treatment from any private healthcare provider in the UK.

Moreover, the process of filing medical negligence claims against private healthcare providers is more complex and cumbersome than those against the NHS. One major challenge is to decide against whom the claim should be brought. Sometimes, you may even get confused whether the treatment has been provided by the NHS or by a private provider. Given the complexity of the process, you should enlist the help of expert legal advisors before filing a claim.

How we can help you

We listen to you sympathetically – We understand the amount of mental strain you may have suffered due to private healthcare negligence.
We help you make informed decisions – Our lawyers know the law regarding medical negligence inside out. They make you aware of your rights, so that you can make the right decision.
We fight for you – Depending upon the complexity of your case, we find you the best solicitor for your claim. Our lawyer ensures that you get the best possible outcome.
We keep you in the loop – Winning a claim usually takes time. We keep you updated throughout the process.

Whether you need help to know you what you are eligible for or need support for winning private healthcare negligence claim, contact us right away. The first consultation is completely free of charge.