lawofficeDown’s Syndrome Sufferer Dies After 26 days Without Food On Hospital Ward

March 15, 2017by Admin0

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The General Manager

Sad news as yet another NHS failure leads to an unnecessary death of a 43-year-old Down’s syndrome sufferer.

Martin Ryan, who had severe learning difficulties and epilepsy, was left unable to swallow after having suffered from a stroke. A “serious breakdown in communication” at Kingston Hospital left him without food for weeks.

The NHS is constantly under scrutiny for the way it treats its patients, and in this case, it would appear that the level of Mr Ryan’s treatment was indeed impaired because of his disability.

It is cases like these which deserve to be challenged. The victim’s mother said “We are very angry that the staff who did that to him are not named and bought to justice. Until they are, I will never feel that he has had justice.”

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