Foot Drop Claims

Foot drop (also sometimes called drop foot) is a weakness or paralysis of the muscles that lift the front part of your foot. It can make walking difficult, causing the sufferer to drag their feet or lift them higher while walking.

Foot Drop Claims Solicitors

There are many causes of foot drop. These include surgical procedures (hip or knee replacements, for example), which damage the nerve that controls the movement of the foot. Sometimes, foot drop occurs as a result of unpreventable causes and the sufferer simply has to manage their condition as best as they can.

Foot drop is almost always brought on as a result of another condition, and it may be that this condition ought to have been diagnosed, treated or prevented at an earlier stage.

One common example of another condition causing drop foot is cauda equina syndrome. This occurs when the nerves at the base of the spine are compressed. This must be diagnosed and treated immediately, or the patient could end up with serious long-term issues such as foot drop.

As mentioned above, negligently performed surgery which leads to nerve damage can cause foot drop, as can post-surgical infections which are not identified and treated in time.

Can I make a foot drop claim?

Foot drop claims can arise in a number of ways, including:

  • Cauda equina syndrome
  • Stroke not diagnosed, treated or prevented with medication
  • Cerebral palsy due to a negligently managed birth
  • Negligent surgery
  • Untreated post-surgical infections
  • Negligently managed diabetes

Claiming compensation for foot drop

Like any medical negligence claim, foot drop claims need to meet certain criteria. These are:

  1. You must have suffered an injury. If your foot drop is the result of medical negligence, you will be able to make a claim. If it occurred naturally or is linked to another condition which occurred naturally, then you will be unable to make a claim.
  2. Someone needs to be at fault. The injury needs to be the fault of someone else, and they must have failed to meet the correct standard of care while treating you.
  3. The injury must have been caused by the event in question. If the foot drop occurred in any event or is not causally linked to the negligence. you will be unable to claim compensation.
  4. The injury must have occurred (or become obvious) within the last three years. If the injury was longer than three years ago then you will be unable to claim.

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