Prescription Errors

Prescription or medication errors occur when the wrong medication or quantity of medication is prescribed to self-administer or administered by a medical professional. Instead of making you better, you are left in a worse position than before, experiencing more serious pain or symptoms.

Medication and prescription errors may include:

  • Incorrect dosage
  • Incorrect medication
  • Medication prescribed for an unsafe amount of time
  • Suffering an adverse reaction after being prescribed medication which reacts negatively with other prescribed or existing medication
  • Receiving the wrong medication meant for another patient

Prescription and medication errors can be made by the GP prescribing your medication or by the pharmacist dispensing them, and can create a variety of side effects and long-term health problems. For your situation to be considered medical negligence, it must satisfy some legal requirements including:

  • Breach of duty: Did the medical professional fall below their expected standard of care?
  • Causation: Was the below-standard care the cause of your injury/condition?
  • Damage or loss: Did the actions of the health care provider lead to damage or loss?