Surgical Errors

Most, if not all, surgery comes with an element of risk, a risk that should be discussed with you before the operation, so that you are fully aware before giving consent. But if errors are made that result in infection, injury or further complications, you are entitled to pursue a claim for surgical negligence.

Surgical negligence refers to preventable errors or negligent actions before, during or after surgery. It applies to both the NHS and private practice and includes:

  • Pre-operative preparation
  • Incorrect sterilisation procedures for instruments
  • Damage to organs
  • Incorrectly administered anaesthetic
  • Improper ‘closing’ of a surgical site
  • Damage to nerves or tissue (Foot Drop)
  • Objects or instruments left inside a patient during surgery
  • Post-operative infection
  • Urology claims
  • Dental claims
  • Brain damage
  • Never events
  • Orthopaedic claims

If your surgery didn’t go to plan and you think you may have suffered due to a surgical mistake or a negligent surgical error, make an enquiry and our team will assess whether you have a claim to pursue.